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Zuma Blitz Blog

Welcome to this blog. My name is Calfred and I hope you will be interested in reading this Zuma Blitz blog for as long as you can!

First off, I will start off by saying how fun it is to play this game.

Zuma Blitz is a Facebook game application that’s developed by PopCap. PopCap was also the company that designed the previous PC versions of Zuma, which are called Zuma’s Revenge and Zuma (yes, only one word term). However, I find that if you are sick and tired of playing Zuma Blitz on Facebook, you should really try to download Zuma’s Revenge for free (trial for certain period).

Why download Zuma’s Revenge?

You can actually practice the Zuma game as much as you like! Unlike Zuma Blitz (Facebook app), you only have limited lives running in order to continue playing. Most of the time, these lives (maximum 9 lives, the higher your level, the faster you can reach 9 lives. Beginners start at only 4-5 lives) finish up pretty fast.

Level 80 Golden Frog

Here’s a tip, at level 80, your frog wil turn to the Golden Frog, with some weed (grass) at its back. In this version of frog, level 80 is the maximum level. So what’s so special about this frog’s appearance anyway? Well, at level 80, you only need to wait for 4 minutes for 1 life to regenerate.

Hence, if you are so keen to play Zuma Blitz on Facebook, you should try to level up as fast as you can until you reach level 80. This way, the wait is not too long (4 minutes per life / heart).

Otherwise, get Zuma’s Revenge.

That’s all for now folks. I will be updating this blog pretty soon. Be sure to stay tuned for the next blog post.

By the way, the world has witnessed the first Zuma Blitz guide book ever since January. You can get it here at http://www.zumablitztips.net/.

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